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Briana Banks POV Slave Orders 4Featuring: Briana BanksAdded 10/21/2016
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Mistress Briana has fun plans for you today: You are going to lick her dirty sweaty feet, lick her pussy, and then stick your tongue in her asshole and worship! She makes you worship and lick.. she knows you are in love with her and will do anything she tells you.. Briana always gets what she wants! ASS WORSHIP, POV, FOOT WORSHIP, CUM COUNTDOWN, JOI, AND MORE!

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Jillan JansonFeaturing: Jillian JansonAdded 10/17/2016
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Miss Janson expects one thing from her employees: Winning! And there's one person on her sales team who is NOT a winner: Marcelo. She makes him wear a big sign that says "SHAME" and then makes him kiss her feet and lick her asshole in front of all the other employees. She sits on his face and tells him she is going to fuck all the winner employees in front of him.. she humiliates him and turns her into a bitch! FACESITTING, ASS WORSHIP, FOOT WORSHIP, PUBLIC HUMILIATION, AND MORE!

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Jillian Janson POV Slave OrdersFeaturing: Jillian JansonAdded 10/14/2016
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Miss Janson is your boss, and she expects you to bow down to her like every good employee does. She asks "How bad do you want this job? Would you do anything for this job??", and then orders you to get on your knees and lick her dirty toes. Then she climbs up on the conference room table for some really deep asslicking! You will love the way she winks her asshole at you while you are kissing it. She sticks her finger in her asshole and lets you lick it clean while you jerk off to her countdown. JILLIAN JANSON IS A HOT NEW FEMDOM SUPERSTAR!

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Courtney Taylor 4Featuring: Courtney TaylorAdded 10/10/2016
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Courtney Taylor starts this clip standing next to her wimpy little slave. She's 6 Feet Tall and he barely comes up to her armpits! She tells you that he has to do whatever she says because she's almost twice as tall as him, and then tells you that she can do whatever she wants to you. She orders you to beg to be used by her and to kiss your screen. You know what she's way more powerful than you, so you will obey. She orders you to get down on the ground like her slave and imagine her ass coming down onto your face. Then she smothers his face with her UNBELIEVABLE ASS. She wipes her ass and pussy all over his face. Then she turns around so she can grind her asshole on his tongue. The whole time she is talking to you, ordering you to tell her how much you love her. She gets into doggie style position so he can lick her asshole while she makes you tell her how much you love her ass and will do anything for her. In the end, she counts down while she sits on his face and orders you to jerk off! COURTNEY TAYLOR IS ONE THE HOTTEST AMAZONS EVER!!

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Alycia Starr 1Featuring: Alycia StarrAdded 09/12/2016
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Alycia's daughter goes to the same school as Jason's son. She has been beating him up every day and taking his lunch money. Jason asks Alycia to help deal with the problem.. Alycia says she doesnt see that there's a problem. Its just nature taking its course. His kid is a wimp so he's getting what he deserves. She tells Jason that this what happens when a wimp like him has a kid.. the strong will always take from the weak. She demonstrates by shoving him on the ground and ordering him to kiss her feet. He tries to stand up for himself but she's right... he's a beta male who will always obey the orders of a Superior. She shoves her GIANT 47 inch ass in his face and he knows his place: beneath her! HOT FACESITTING, BIG ASS WORSHIP, FOOT WORSHIP, AND MORE!

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Akira Lane Featuring: Akira LaneAdded 08/22/2016
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Mistress Akira Lane has been in the Fetish Industry for many years. She's a true legend of the business. She has appeared in a number of wrestling videos and softcore fetish videos and shown that she truly understands the psychology of Female Domination. But until today, you have never seen her like this: We at MeanWorld give you full nudity, pussy licking, closeup asshole licking, and lots of nastiest in every scene, and Akira delivers all of those things and much more! She puts slave Marcelo in chastity and then hides the key inside her perfect, delicious, tight Asian Asshole. If he wants to ever use his cock again, he must stick his tongue farther inside her than he thought possible! Lots of HOT FACESITTING, ASS WORSHIP, FOOT WORSHIP, AND MORE in this incredible scene with the legendary Mistress Akira!

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Courtney Taylor CuckoldFeaturing: Courtney TaylorAdded 10/11/2016
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6 Foot Tall BOMBSHELL Courtney Taylor starts this clip by using her shrink-control to make you into a tiny little man. She tells you that she bought the shrink-control so she can get rid of you. After she stomps you into dust, no one will ever find your tiny little ant-like body. But before she mercilessly crushes you, she wants you to meet her new boyfriend. You are helpless below her as the woman you loves pulls out another man's cock and sucks it as they tower above you. She tells you that your cock is tiny and never pleased her, but that she loves sucking her new boyfriend's cock. She tells you that she know it turns you on being cuckolded and orders you to stroke your tiny cock while you watch her please a real man.She humiliates you by making you tell her that you love watching her suck another man's cock. Her cock-sucking skills are INCREDIBLE and she knows that you badly wish it was your cock. But now that she shrunk you, you will never feel her mouth on you again. In the end, she makes her stud blow a huge load in her mouth. She leans over your tiny little body, AND SPITS THE GIANT LOAD OF CUM ON YOU, SQUASHING YOU IN CUM. She laughs at you - covered in cum, and then raises her giant foot above you so she can crush you like a cockroach and end your helpless, pathetic misery. MIND-BLOWING!!

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